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CoLiving und CoWorking im TIMEHOUSE

Coming Home at TIMEHOUSE and what it means for me as Managing Director of TIMEHOUSE

When I first talked to friends about CoLiving a few years ago, the feedback was from “Just a trend for millennials” and “Footnote of the industry”. But the more I got involved with this supposedly fast-moving trend, the more I realized that it wasn’t a passing fad.

The trend in modern corporate business travel today is clearly in one direction

The trend in modern corporate business travel today goes clearly in one direction: away from pure business travel towards an all-in feel-good package in order to give employees a good feeling on the road and strengthen their loyalty to the company. So at TIMEHOUSE we want to combine work and life with our modern CoLiving concept: Coming home.


CoWorking and CoLiving developed from the needs of the young Creatives in Silicon Valley. The need to combine work and leisure time in a flexible way had to be satisfied; the added value of bundling resources and competences in one place made this new way of work grows very fast.
But not only the work space wants to be shared, why not live together? Modern shared flats quickly developed in California, Asia and Europe. With us at TIMEHOUSE long stay guests can expect a feeling of home. For us, temporary living should not feel like a compromise, but rather like a pleasure. Setting up a network in a foreign city has never been so easy, your own neighbour never so important. We at TIMEHOUSE want to close this gap between the globalization of the world of work and the longing for a home base. Our modern CoLiving concept combines both: working and living in a modern and stylish way.


And with this second home, we at TIMEHOUSE, try to take away the two biggest stress factors from all people on long-term journeys: homesickness and bad food. Because in our fully equipped apartments at TIMEHOUSE, travellers not only enjoy the feeling of coming home, but also have a modern designed kitchen, or at least get to know the best delivery services or pubs in Munich. The trend in Corporate business travel is clearly in one direction: away from pure business travel towards an all-round feel-good package to give employees a special feeling on the journey and – at the same time – strengthen their loyalty to the company. What used to be the exception will definitely be part of the good tone of a respected company in the near future.


Whether you are a freelancer, a creative or just a globetrotter: become part of this modern lifestyle and come to stay at TIMEHOUSE Munich.


Martin Enax is Founder and Managing Director of TIMEHOUSE.

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