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Surplus Digital as guest at TIMEHOUSE

From our series TALK at TIMEHOUSE we today present two young entrepreneurs who like to use TIMEHOUSE again and again for their stays in Munich.

The interview

It’s already late when Alex’s plane from Vienna lands in Munich. He worked until departure on the presentation for a Munich customer, then in the plane his tired eyes briefly flipped. After the exhausting day the best would be only one thing: Home… No problem! Because Alex is staying at TIMEHOUSE Munich. He knows the employees, his flat, the area; even the flatmates.


In the series TALK we introduce people who appreciate the service of TIMEHOUSE and ask them about their motives. Today we talk to Alexander Leopoldinger-Haiden and Viktor Zemann, both founders and managing partners of Surplus Digital GmbH.


Editor: Thank you very much, dear Alex and Viktor for your time. We see you here at TIMEHOUSE again and again and are happy that you use the service for your professional stays in Munich. How did you come up with it and why do you keep coming back?
Viktor: I followed the project even before its official opening and waited spellbound for it. Our company has two offices, one in Munich and one in Vienna. So it’s very often the case that we have long stays in Munich. With TIMEHOUSE business trips do not feel like being away.
Alex: Right. Moreover we have always been looking forward to the few days in our second home. You’re looking forward to the apartment, the delicious Italian in front of the door and to being able to go about your business in Munich relaxed and completely recovered. So we always like to come to you.


Editor: Of course we are happy about that. Have you also looked at alternative CoLiving concepts?
Alex: Yes, we did when Viktor told me about this project. But only here at TIMEHOUSE all important factors play together: the location is top, the style of the apartments is exactly ours and the price-performance ratio more than fair.
Viktor: I know other hotels from my many travels with a focus on long stay guests, but nowhere do I feel as comfortable as in TIMEHOUSE. Somehow you manage to pass on the feeling of coming home and being at home to your residents.


Editor: What do you like so much here? What do you think makes the TIMEHOUSE stand out?
Viktor: The people at the reception, for example. They already know me and know what I need. I don’t feel like I’m talking to any of the staff, but rather to a good acquaintance, whom I see again after a while.
Alex: I enjoy the all-round service in the apartments. From cleaning service to food delivery, I don’t have to worry about anything, I can concentrate on my work and enjoy the evening to the full. It simply brings a lot more energy if you spend the evening in a place of well-being and not in any hotel room.


Editor: Do you think we at TIMEHOUSE will remain a marginal phenomenon in the hotel industry?
Alex: Clearly no! I rather believe that you are only the beginning of something really big. The whole world of work is changing. Everyone becomes more flexible, more global. These changes require a rethink in the area of corporate business travel. Only those who really feel comfortable on their travels will be prepared in the long run to do so for their employees. I can only speak for myself as an independent entrepreneur, that it is simply important to me to enjoy a certain standard and well-being on the road.
Viktor: We also see in our company that employment relationships are changing. There are many freelancers, project staff etc. who do not necessarily have to come from the same country. For joint projects, however, it is important to be in the same city and that’s exactly what TIMEHOUSE offers.


Editor: So would you recommend TIMEHOUSE? And if so, who are you thinking of?
Alex: Honestly, I’ve done that before (smiles). Your concept is suitable for all those who are often and also longer on the road in Munich and are looking for more than just a bed and a shower. In my opinion you meet the needs of (almost) all business travellers.


Editor: Why almost?
Alex: Because there must always be exceptions… (laughs).
Viktor: Also from me you get a clear yes to the recommendation. But I wouldn’t limit it to several days, I’ve been to your place for only one night a couple of times, because I just feel comfortable here. So get on with it!


Editor: Thank you very much for your time and see you soon at TIMEHOUSE. Coming Home.


The ultimate checklist for your move to Munich

TIMEHOUSE Munich introduces you to the must-haves and to-dos for your upcoming move.

Have you decided to move to Munich for your work, project or other reasons? Congratulations on this big step! So that your first time in a foreign city is not marked by social loneliness and bureaucratic hurdles, we at TIMEHOUSE have compiled the ultimate check list for your move to Munich.

Before the move

1) Clarify the formalities

If you come from a third country (i.e. not a citizen of a member state of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland), you may need a VISA and a working title for entry. It is best to seek advice from your Federal Foreign Office.


2) Think about your new home base

The most important question in such a project as a move is “where should I live in the new city?” This quickly leads to further ambiguities, such as “to which neighbourhood should I move?”, “where can I meet similarly thinking people?” and “which restaurants offer me the same quality I was used to at home?”. Many question marks, one answer: TIMEHOUSE. We at TIMEHOUSE Munich give you a second home. Our apartments are designed to meet all expectations of long stay guests. We want to make your first time after moving as easy as possible. At TIMEHOUSE you will meet like-minded people and have the opportunity to focus on the many other things such a move entails.


3) Open a German bank account

Please note, that before you can open a bank account at a german bank, you must first visit the Einwohnermeldeamt for your registration.


4) Leave everything old behind

Before you leave your old home for good, don´t forget to cancel or redirect all existing contracts (internet, electricity, gas, etc.).

The first day

5) Get to the city

Especially with large suitcases the S-Bahn is probably not the right choice, even though it would be a quick alternative to taxi. You want to drive by yourself? No problem: car sharing services are also available in Munich, just like DriveNow, car2go etc


6) Make sure you get good food

Immediately after your arrival your stomach might growl because of the strenuous journey. Our team at TIMEHOUSE is pleased to show you the best delivery services or restaurants in Munich. Let your first evening in Munich become a great entry into your new home and do not spend this night on the search for a great restaurant.

The first few weeks

7) Register yourself in Munich

Within two weeks of moving, you must report your new address (ideally Leopoldstraße 204a in 80804 Munich) to the Einwohnermeldeamt. This step is also important if you want to open a bank account. If you need a Wohnungsgeberbestätigung for the Einwohnermeldeamt, we will be happy to provide you this confirmation.


8) Apply for a tax number

If you are not employed by a company but work independently, you must apply for a tax or identification number.


9) Think about insurance

Self-employed persons must register independently for a health insurance company.


10) Get mobile

As soon as you have arrived in Munich, you should think about your mobility: whether car sharing account (car2go, DriveNow or Stattauto), E-scooter rental (Emmy) or the classic bicycle, stay mobile, because Munich not only offers interesting places in the city, but also has a beautiful surrounding area.

The first few months

11) Visit some or all of these places

Discovering a new city with all its facets definitely makes fun. In Munich, for example, you can visit the highlights every travel guide tells you such as Marienplatz, English Garden, Frauenkirche or Hofbräuhaus. But you can also – and we at TIMEHOUSE recommend that – simply stroll through the old alleys and browse through small design boutiques or take a day stroll along the Isar and sip a cappuccino. For those who are looking for something special, we recommend surfing on the Eisbach in the English Garden, spectacular!


12) Take part in the Oktoberfest

If you don´t want to buy a “Tracht”, no problem. In Munich there are numerous “Dirndl” and “Lederhosen” rental services. We recommend a visit around noon, because then the Wiesn has a special charm. The Augustiner Zelt has a cosy atmosphere and is also visited by the people of Munich.


13) Learn Business German

There is a big difference between being able to order a beer or a room and being able to communicate with your business partners in the national language in an upscale way. In order for you to be able to score points with your business German skills during your stay in Munich, we recommend that you invest a few free evenings in a language course for professionals. You will notice: the effort is worth it and your counterpart will appreciate the effort!

You already live in Munich and think we have forgotten the most important thing? Please feel free to write us at and tell us what you like us to add.

CoLiving und CoWorking im TIMEHOUSE

Coming Home at TIMEHOUSE and what it means for me as Managing Director of TIMEHOUSE

When I first talked to friends about CoLiving a few years ago, the feedback was from “Just a trend for millennials” and “Footnote of the industry”. But the more I got involved with this supposedly fast-moving trend, the more I realized that it wasn’t a passing fad.

The trend in modern corporate business travel today is clearly in one direction

The trend in modern corporate business travel today goes clearly in one direction: away from pure business travel towards an all-in feel-good package in order to give employees a good feeling on the road and strengthen their loyalty to the company. So at TIMEHOUSE we want to combine work and life with our modern CoLiving concept: Coming home.


CoWorking and CoLiving developed from the needs of the young Creatives in Silicon Valley. The need to combine work and leisure time in a flexible way had to be satisfied; the added value of bundling resources and competences in one place made this new way of work grows very fast.
But not only the work space wants to be shared, why not live together? Modern shared flats quickly developed in California, Asia and Europe. With us at TIMEHOUSE long stay guests can expect a feeling of home. For us, temporary living should not feel like a compromise, but rather like a pleasure. Setting up a network in a foreign city has never been so easy, your own neighbour never so important. We at TIMEHOUSE want to close this gap between the globalization of the world of work and the longing for a home base. Our modern CoLiving concept combines both: working and living in a modern and stylish way.


And with this second home, we at TIMEHOUSE, try to take away the two biggest stress factors from all people on long-term journeys: homesickness and bad food. Because in our fully equipped apartments at TIMEHOUSE, travellers not only enjoy the feeling of coming home, but also have a modern designed kitchen, or at least get to know the best delivery services or pubs in Munich. The trend in Corporate business travel is clearly in one direction: away from pure business travel towards an all-round feel-good package to give employees a special feeling on the journey and – at the same time – strengthen their loyalty to the company. What used to be the exception will definitely be part of the good tone of a respected company in the near future.


Whether you are a freelancer, a creative or just a globetrotter: become part of this modern lifestyle and come to stay at TIMEHOUSE Munich.


Martin Enax is Founder and Managing Director of TIMEHOUSE.


Our Partner VOLA – excellent and unique design

The design brand VOLA is renowned worldwide for its unique design and extraordinary role in the sanitary industry. Thanks to our partner VOLA, we can bring with even more unique, luxurious equipment in our TIMEHOUSE.

A synergy of luxury and minimalism

With its products, VOLA has set trends in modern bathroom design. In 1968 Verner Overgaard, the founder of VOLA, invited the internationally renowned Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen to work with him on a completely new design object. Both were enthusiastic about craftsmanship, modernity, the importance of proportions and the desire to design things down to the smallest detail. The result of this collaboration was not only the invention of flush-mounted technology, but also the unique purist fittings based on geometric precision and minimalist design.

VOLA Design in the TIMEHOUSE

At our TIMEHOUSE we attach great importance to the high quality of our products and luxurious equipment. That’s why we have chosen VOLA as our partner. The TIMEHOUSE features VOLA’s unique, purist fittings in the bathrooms. The modern design of the armatures, from the shower head to the towel holder, gives the TIMEHOUSE bathrooms a luxurious touch.


The most beautiful lakes in and around Munich

The summer is close, and the nice weather makes you want to go swimming again. For all water enthusiasts we show the most beautiful lakes in and around Munich.


No long queues, overcrowded swimming pools or lack of space. In and around Munich you can relax far away from the stress of everyday life at one of the many lakes.

The “Dreiseenplatte”

The “Dreiseenplatte” contains three great, redesigned dredging lakes: Lerchenauersee, Fasaneriesee and Feldmochinger See. Here you can find many sunny and shade places, as they are situated in the middle of a forest landscape. Sporty people can do table tennis, football, volleyball and there are also fitness tracks provided. If you get hungry, you can buy something delicious to eat in the beer garden or at the kiosk. You’re also allowed to grill at the Feldmochinger Lake. On the Lerchenauersee you should be informed that the water gets deep fast. Damilies with children or non-swimmers should therefore choose the Fasaneriesee or Feldmochinger See.


The travel time by public transport from TIMEHOUSE is about 40-50 minutes, by car about 20 minutes and by bike 30 minutes.

Weßling-, Wörth- und Pilsensee

The Weßlingsee is also a great day trip destination. The water fountain, which shoots from the middle of the lake, is particularly worth seeing here. It is created by deep water aeration and guarantees the oxygen content of the lake and thus also the water quality. The Wörthsee and Pilsensee are especially suitable for rest and relaxation. With many lawns and hiking trails, the lakes provide a relaxing day out in nature.


The journey to the three lakes takes about 45 minutes by car from TIMEHOUSE and around 1.5 hours by public transport.

Lake Starnberg and Ammersee

Lake Starnberg is the second largest lake in Bavaria. With many excursion possibilities, sunbathing places, playgrounds and volleyball courts as well as a beer garden, the lake invites you to enjoy a perfect summer day. In addition, various boat trips, bicycle tours around the lake or hikes of the many hiking trails can be undertaken. Also, the Ammersee offers many activities and is ideal for nature lovers and bathers with an affinity for sports. A 10-meter diving tower with 3 stages, as well as water skiing, canoeing, stand up paddling and sailing are offered here. Also, dogs are allowed at selected places.


You reach the two lakes are best by car in 35-40 minutes from the TIMEHOUSE.


Exploring Munich on two wheels

When the weather is good, there’s only one way to discover Munich: by bicycle. Fresh air, sport and no rush hour! It’s great on foot too, but with a bike you get to see a lot more in less time. We have a couple of routes we can recommend that start directly at the TIMEHOUSE..


Whether you want go sightseeing, get in a short workout after work, or simply need some fresh air – there are tons of beautiful routes in Munich that can be discovered by bike. If you don’t have your own bike with you, you can quickly and easily rent one from one of the many providers in Munich, for example at an MVG bike station for 12€ per day.

Short bike tour through the Olympic Park and Luitpoldpark

The first route is a tour from the Petuelpark up to the Olympic Park. It takes you around the Olympic Lake and leads you through the Luitpoldpark on your way back. Via the Parzivalstraße you’re quickly back at the TIMEHOUSE. Almost the entire route consists of asphalted bicycle paths and roads and is therefore also suitable for the less athletic types. The 9 km bicycle tour will take you about half an hour.

Along the Leopoldstraße and the Isar

There’s a lot to see here in the beautiful district of Schwabing. Starting at the TIMEHOUSE you will follow down the Leopoldstraße and first pass the Münchner Freiheit and the Siegestor. The route then leads past the famous Eisbach wave and the Friedensengel on the other side of the Isar. Continued along the Isar to the Isar weir. For a rest you can stop at the Mini-Hofbräuhaus in the English garden. Passing the northern cemetery, you’ll be getting to the end of the route. The majority of the route is on asphalt, otherwise you’ll be on gravel riding through the woods. The road is quite flat, with a few ascents and descents. You will need about one hour for the 13km track.

Sporty route around the Speichersee

For motivated cyclists this route is a dream. Spectacular views of the countryside and nature await you. Those who go on this bicycle tour should be in pretty good condition, as at a distance of 46km, you are on the road for more than 3 hours (mainly on bicycle paths and a few roads). Be prepared for an ascent as well as descent of 100m.

For enthusiastic cyclists – route to Lake Starnberg

For those who want to go on a day trip with their bike, you definitely check out this route. Passing Odeonsplatz and Waldfriedhof, you arrive at Schloss Fürstenried West and continue through the forest of Forstenrieder Park. Through the Leutstetten moor you will finally reach Starnberger See. There you can enjoy a break from the long tour in one of the cafes by the lakeside. To explore the northern side of the lake you drive to the castle Berg. There you’ll have to go past the A95 to get back to the hotel. For 70km on cycle paths, side roads and forest paths with an ascent and descent of about 380m people generally need about five hours.

Source image: Unsplash/ Julia Stepper


The traditional Munich Schäfflertanz at the TIMEHOUSE

The Schäfflertanz is one of the oldest traditions of Munich. Only every seven years the Schäffler perform their traditional dance in Munich. That’s why we felt honoured to welcome the Schäffler in the TIMEHOUSE!

The history of the Schäfflertanzes

The munich tradition goes back to the year 1517. It was said, that the dance has been performed by the Schäffler (barrel makers) during a plague epidemic in Munich – in order to lure the population out of the houses and to cheer them up. After suffering from the plague, the inhabitants of Munich enjoyed dance and music again and the Schäffler created a tradition. Since 1760, the Schäffler dance every seven years to the carnival time (the next time 2026). But nobody knows exactly why it’s only every seven years. There are many assumptions, such as an increased occurrence of the plague every seven years, the Seven as a lucky number or Duke Wilhelm IV, who had given the Schäffler the right to perform the dance every seven years.

The Schäfflertanz in the TIMEHOUSE

With their red jackets, green caps, black knee breeches and white knee socks, the Schäffler also came to TIMEHOUSE to perform the famous dance. Begun and finished with the Bavarian Defiliermarsch, the Schäffler danced the different figures to the traditional melody with their arched wreaths. Many of our guests, partners and friends were with us and enjoyed a great day with dancing, music and delicious food. In spite of rain everyone was in a good mood and there was a lot of laughter and celebration. A little tip for our guests: The figures of the carillon in the town hall at Marienplatz represent the traditional Schäfflertanz.


Spring in Munich – our day-trip tips

When the sun crawls back out from underneath the clouds and the first blossoms begin to bloom it’s time to lay down our winter coats and enjoy the weather outside. Spring awaits and we know tons of things you can do to enjoy your spring in and around Munich.

A cruise on the doorstep of the Alps

The change of weather means that the boats on the lakes around Munich are back on the water. Lake Starnberg, for example, is very close by. There you can set out on the infamous but breathtaking “Schlösserfahrt”. The boat ride will take you past the stunning castles that lay before the panoramic alpine range – while you enjoy a cup of coffee.

Alternatively, slightly further out you’ll find lake Tegernsee. The outstanding landscape and picture book view of Wallberg Mountain is definitely worth the trip out on the lake. The ship docks in several small towns around the lake, letting you go on relaxed walks along the lake shore.

Enjoy the beer garden

A cold beer and delicious food? Yes please. The beer gardens are waiting for you. In Munich, there are so many, we’ve lost count. The beer garden of the Seehaus in the English Garden, for example, is beautiful. Ideally situated on Kleinhesseloher See and not far from the TIMEHOUSE, you can enjoy a refreshing drink with a view on the lake. If you are looking for something more romantic, you can take a walk through the English Garden or rent a pedal boat on the Kleinhesseloher Lake.

Source: Unsplash/ Madison Nickel


Housekeeping – TIMEHOUSE’s secret angels

Fluffed pillows, fresh towels and a clean floor. Anyone who has travelled a lot knows how important housekeeping is to make you feel at home. After all, what would a hotel be if it weren’t for the hard-working team that makes sure everything’s tidy and clean? We’re here to make sure every guest is happy.


Housekeeping is an essential and important part of the hotel business and our TIMEHOUSE: Our housekeeping team makes sure everything is in its place, tidy and clean and is thus a major part of our hotel’s success. The key is detail- and our guests know that. Often, we don’t even notice the secret angels until the first lightbulb burns out. First class hotels wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for housekeeping who not only clean our rooms but also make sure the hallways, stairs and the lobby are immaculate.

Keep it clean – From the staircase railing to your doorknob

Our housekeeping manager Magdalena plays a key role in the TIMEHOUSE. No guest will ever receive a room that hasn’t been thoroughly checked by her. She makes sure that our premium cleansers from Dr. Schnell are used correctly. No smell of chlorine, no calk stains and certainly no dust! Hygiene and tidiness are Magdalena’s thing. We are also open for extra wishes, such as special gel cushions or swiss Arvenholz. Our housekeeping experts are at your service to make sure you feel at home.


Source Image: unsplash/@andyfitz


Your perfect morning with Unicaps coffee in the TIMEHOUSE

A new morning breaks, the scent of fresh coffee breaks through the air and spreads its way through the entire house. Your TIMEHOUSE kitchen table already has warm rolls on it, waiting to be eaten. That smell of coffee takes us all back to at least one warm memory in time. How can you not love it? That’s why we were very picky with the selection of coffee we want to offer our TIMEHOUSE guests. We have welcomed Unicaps into our home, not only because they produce excellent coffee and organic tea, but because everything they deliver is sustainable. You can have that Sunday morning coffee in your apartment at the TIMEHOUSE.


Each TIMEHOUSE apartment is equipped with a capsule machine for that fantastic cup of coffee or tea. All you need, is to know which beverage you want and a couple of seconds to spare. Unicaps innovative capsules will prepare your favourite drink within seconds – and the best thing about it: The capsules are 100% recyclable. It’s so innovative that the company from Frankfurt is even funded by the European Union. As we want to provide our TIMEHOUSE guests with the highest of quality the was no other choice than the bio-degradable capsules from Unicaps – “Good coffee, good conscience”.

 My-TeaCup from Unicaps

For those that prefer Tee our Partner My-TeaCup will be certain to please your needs. Enjoy that Sunday morning in your TIMEHOUSE apartment or on your own personal terrace in the sun. You offer a variety of coffee- and tea-capsules. There’s no better way to start your day in the most beautiful city on earth.


Image Source: Timehouse / Unicaps

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