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Your perfect morning with Unicaps coffee in the TIMEHOUSE

A new morning breaks, the scent of fresh coffee breaks through the air and spreads its way through the entire house. Your TIMEHOUSE kitchen table already has warm rolls on it, waiting to be eaten. That smell of coffee takes us all back to at least one warm memory in time. How can you not love it? That’s why we were very picky with the selection of coffee we want to offer our TIMEHOUSE guests. We have welcomed Unicaps into our home, not only because they produce excellent coffee and organic tea, but because everything they deliver is sustainable. You can have that Sunday morning coffee in your apartment at the TIMEHOUSE.



The BMW museum – A paradise for car lovers

German cars are associated with innovation, quality and prestige. The BMW brand shows its technical developments from the past, present and future in its astoundingly museum. So what about visiting the BMW museum at your next trip to Munich?!

Impressive museum

The famous bowl-shaped building, also known as the BMW Museum, is located in the immediate vicinity of the BMW four-cylinder corporate headquarters and adjacent to the Olympic Park. Thanks to a completely unique and futuristic design, the architecture of the building and the special type of exhibition are worthy of astonishing glances. The museum is built up by a flat and a round building. Both buildings are connected by a visitor ramp, which allows access to all 25 exhibition areas.

Exciting exhibitions

In addition to a permanent exhibition of 120 exhibits, the BMW Museum also hosts temporary exhibitions focusing on various themes. The permanent exhibition extends over 5000 sq. m. and is divided into seven exhibition halls. It displays the most important and valuable cars, motorcycles and engines from over 100 years. The temporary exhibitions can be found in the “Museum Bowl” and are always worth a visit because of their exciting themes. A little tip: Right opposite the BMW Museum you will also find the BMW world with unique worlds of experiences for all brands of the BMW Group.

Source images: Unsplash/ Anastasia Dulgier


getnow delivers quality products to TIMEHOUSE

After a long and beautiful day in Munich you return to your second home in the TIMEHOUSE and still feel up for cooking something real good. A glimpse at the clock: it’s past 8 p.m. – the shops are closed. As wonderful as life in the state capital is, you shouldn’t forget that we are in Bavaria – the federal state with the early shop closing times. The TIMEHOUSE offers you the opportunity to pre-order quality products and delicacies for your daily needs from the e-food start-up getnow from Berlin.

Delivery directly into the fridge

Each TIMEHOUSE apartment is fitted with a kitchen equipped with the most modern appliances and high-quality equipment to make you feel at home. Your food will be delivered to the TIMEHOUSE by 6 p.m. and will be stored directly in your refrigerator or will be ready for you to pick up in our in-house cooling system.

From the apple to the paper clip

With its unique business model getnow delivers extra-fresh products from its diverse assortment, 24 hours a day. With getnow you not only have the possibility to order food from out of more than 15.000 quality products, but can also purchase pet supplies, medicine and office supplies. Our extremely flexible delivery times, free delivery from a minimum order value of 60.00 € and 24/7 online availability are what makes getnow so special.

Our partnership

Best of all – TIMEHOUSE offers you exclusive advantages when ordering at All TIMEHOUSE guests receive a 20 % discount on their first order. With every further order the guest automatically always receives 3 % discount. So, nothings in the way of your cosy cooking evening in the modern TIMEHOUSE kitchen with a nice bottle of wine.

source image:  Unsplash/ Todd Quackenbush

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