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The traditional Munich Schäfflertanz at the TIMEHOUSE

The Schäfflertanz is one of the oldest traditions of Munich. Only every seven years the Schäffler perform their traditional dance in Munich. That’s why we felt honoured to welcome the Schäffler in the TIMEHOUSE!

The history of the Schäfflertanzes

The munich tradition goes back to the year 1517. It was said, that the dance has been performed by the Schäffler (barrel makers) during a plague epidemic in Munich – in order to lure the population out of the houses and to cheer them up. After suffering from the plague, the inhabitants of Munich enjoyed dance and music again and the Schäffler created a tradition. Since 1760, the Schäffler dance every seven years to the carnival time (the next time 2026). But nobody knows exactly why it’s only every seven years. There are many assumptions, such as an increased occurrence of the plague every seven years, the Seven as a lucky number or Duke Wilhelm IV, who had given the Schäffler the right to perform the dance every seven years.

The Schäfflertanz in the TIMEHOUSE

With their red jackets, green caps, black knee breeches and white knee socks, the Schäffler also came to TIMEHOUSE to perform the famous dance. Begun and finished with the Bavarian Defiliermarsch, the Schäffler danced the different figures to the traditional melody with their arched wreaths. Many of our guests, partners and friends were with us and enjoyed a great day with dancing, music and delicious food. In spite of rain everyone was in a good mood and there was a lot of laughter and celebration. A little tip for our guests: The figures of the carillon in the town hall at Marienplatz represent the traditional Schäfflertanz.

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