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The TIMEHOUSE Team introduces itself

Once Eugen Roth wrote: “He who lives in Munich is already half spared by the seriousness of life,” and that is exactly the motto of TIMEHOUSE, which they would like to pass on to their guests. The TIMEHOUSE creates an environment that offers this feeling of home, in innovative overnight accommodations.

1. What distinguishes the TIMEHOUSE from conventional hotels and what makes the TIMEHOUSE so special?

We create an innovation in the field of temporary living and combine the strengths and characters of the hotel industry, boarding house and private home. With our high-quality materials and a lot of attention to detail, we create a feel-good atmosphere just like in your own home.

2. The TIMEHOUSE wants to give the guests the feeling of a “second home”. How do you want to create this feeling?

Our guests are not only here to stay overnight with us, we give you personal tips that you can only get from locals – so that a sense of belonging arises and you can experience and feel Munich. In addition, there is a cosy and homely interior that conveys the feeling of “at home”.

3. Sustainability and cooperation with local partners is very important for TIMEHOUSE. Why do you attach so much importance to it?

Think global, eat and buy local! We live this motto not only privately, but also commercially! We only recommend partners and products behind which we personally stand to 100%. It is about the quality as well as the positive basic attitude towards the environment.

4. For your first location you have chosen Munich. What made you choose Munich?

Munich is the northernmost city of Italy, a cosmopolitan city with a heart and a village of millions at the same time. We offer entrepreneurs and their employees a “start in feeling at home” in the first month of their search for a flat in the capital. We ourselves grew up in Munich both professionally and privately and could not imagine a better first location.

5. If guests ask you about the three most important sights in Munich, what would you recommend to them?

In our blog some beautiful sights and delicacies of Munich have already been presented. Especially we love the English Garden and its beer garden at the Chinese Tower, or the view from the old Peter over the whole city centre and the colourful Viktualienmarkt. For football fans a visit to the Allianz Arena is a must, and for princess enthusiasts a walk through the park of the Nymphenburger Schloss is a must. A little helper is our TIMEHOUSE mascot Schorschi, who accompanies us from the very beginning and diligently inquires about new sights in Munich.

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