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Housekeeping – TIMEHOUSE’s secret angels

Fluffed pillows, fresh towels and a clean floor. Anyone who has travelled a lot knows how important housekeeping is to make you feel at home. After all, what would a hotel be if it weren’t for the hard-working team that makes sure everything’s tidy and clean? We’re here to make sure every guest is happy.


Housekeeping is an essential and important part of the hotel business and our TIMEHOUSE: Our housekeeping team makes sure everything is in its place, tidy and clean and is thus a major part of our hotel’s success. The key is detail- and our guests know that. Often, we don’t even notice the secret angels until the first lightbulb burns out. First class hotels wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for housekeeping who not only clean our rooms but also make sure the hallways, stairs and the lobby are immaculate.

Keep it clean – From the staircase railing to your doorknob

Our housekeeping manager Magdalena plays a key role in the TIMEHOUSE. No guest will ever receive a room that hasn’t been thoroughly checked by her. She makes sure that our premium cleansers from Dr. Schnell are used correctly. No smell of chlorine, no calk stains and certainly no dust! Hygiene and tidiness are Magdalena’s thing. We are also open for extra wishes, such as special gel cushions or swiss Arvenholz. Our housekeeping experts are at your service to make sure you feel at home.


Source Image: unsplash/@andyfitz

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