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Welcome to Munich – Things to know about a long-term stay when the project calls.

The project calls. The team members are coming, for a limited period of time. Do you need a place where it is enough to take your laptop and toothbrush with you and be able to work immediately and productively?

Long Stay Hotel in Munich with #cominghome-feeling

TIMEHOUSE is just such a place and has been designed as a second home for long-stay guests. In TIMEHOUSE, special importance was placed on the well-being of long-term guests, because many studies prove it: If you want to perform, you also need suitable conditions, i.e. quiet zones, corners to relax and a friendly feel-good atmosphere.

The stylish designer furniture, the fully equipped kitchens and the modern bathrooms invite you to linger and find peace. Inviting and cooking for guests is no problem with the equipment from WMF, Gabriel Glas, Broste Copenhagen, Koziol and Krups, and if it does get too crowded indoors, the popular Munich district of Schwabing, where TIMEHOUSE is located, offers just the right environment for lively pub crawls or cocktail evenings.

How to make the move to Munich a success

If a move to Munich is planned quickly due to new projects, orders or professional changes, preparation is half the story. Serviced flats are definitely a good solution if you prefer a simple and uncomplicated start.

Our do’s for a successful start in Bavaria

  • Consider whether you need a German bank account and find out what it takes. 
  • Take along a little homeland spirit: your favorite mug, your pet or your favorite cereal. 
  • Also read our checklist for a successful move to Munich!
  • Get out and meet people! Munich is known for its hospitality and international guests are always welcome. Acquaintances increase your feel-good factor enormously, a spinning or yoga class might help.
  • Speaking of exercise: Get moving. Sport is good for our bodies and Munich is bursting with green oases, such as the English Garden.


MYOS accompanies you on your fitness journey. From preparing for a run, improving your golf swing, rehabilitation after an injury or simply when you want to work on your health and fitness.

Learn more about our services and benefits!

The length of the long stay is completely up to you.

… or your project. For some guests of TIMEHOUSE, the long stay ends after only a few weeks. Some, on the other hand, stay for many months or longer. Our concept is such that the prices of our flats (LINK) are adjusted to the length of your stay. In other words, the longer you stay, the more attractive the prices become. 

Tip: Would you like to visit the apartments in advance? You can find our 360° tours here.

Long Stay Hotel in Munich with lots of extras.

When we say you only need a toothbrush and laptop, we mean it. Because in addition to our many free included services, such as super-fast wi-fi, family rooms, pet pads, e-charging stations or towel and bed linen service, we also include these additional services:

A move always offers a lot of uncertainties. But with TIMEHOUSE at your side, you are guaranteed to be comfortable & cared for in Munich. And so even exhausting or stressful projects can go well and successfully.

Discover our apartments here, including a 360° view to really get to know all the equipment details.

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