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Our Partner VOLA – excellent and unique design

The design brand VOLA is renowned worldwide for its unique design and extraordinary role in the sanitary industry. Thanks to our partner VOLA, we can bring with even more unique, luxurious equipment in our TIMEHOUSE.

A synergy of luxury and minimalism

With its products, VOLA has set trends in modern bathroom design. In 1968 Verner Overgaard, the founder of VOLA, invited the internationally renowned Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen to work with him on a completely new design object. Both were enthusiastic about craftsmanship, modernity, the importance of proportions and the desire to design things down to the smallest detail. The result of this collaboration was not only the invention of flush-mounted technology, but also the unique purist fittings based on geometric precision and minimalist design.

VOLA Design in the TIMEHOUSE

At our TIMEHOUSE we attach great importance to the high quality of our products and luxurious equipment. That’s why we have chosen VOLA as our partner. The TIMEHOUSE features VOLA’s unique, purist fittings in the bathrooms. The modern design of the armatures, from the shower head to the towel holder, gives the TIMEHOUSE bathrooms a luxurious touch.

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