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Mobility in Munich

Munich. One of the biggest cities in Germany, however with all the opportunities of moving around, it doesn’t seem that big anymore.

Travelling by train or bus

There are lots of options to get from one place to another, for example by bus or train. The MVG (Munich’s biggest transport company) offers different ways of traveling. The so-called U-Bahn can get you from one end to the other, because of its huge transport network.

But the MVG doesn’t only offer the U-Bahn. There is also the S-Bahn which is responsible for moving guest out of the town. Besides the bus, which also runs in the city and even outside the city, there is also tram. It operates above ground compared to the metro.

Get a ticket

If you want to travel with MVG all you need is a ticket, which can be bought on the Station or in the MVG App and you always pay the same price, no matter if you buy on the App or at the Station.

More transport options

As you can see there are many different possibilities, but if you think that’s all, then I must disappoint you.

Besides the Trains, Busses and so on, there are also E-Bikes or E-Scooters which can be rent for a period. They are very decent in price and can be used whenever you want and for how long you want. It’s up to you. Renting, for example an E-Scooter, is really easy. All you need is the App of the Company (there are lots to choose from, the MVG offers the service in their App too) and an account.

It’s that simple.

More flexibility with car sharing

Do you occasionally want to travel further distances and leave the city? Don’t worry, there is the right offer for these wishes too. It’s called Car Sharing. It is the same as renting an E-Scooter. The only difference is, that you need a valid driver’s license. In Munich there is a huge selection of different cars and companies to rent for example Miles Mobility. Discover Munich and the surrounding area on your own. Drive as you wish and discover the fascinating natural landscape.

Travel idea


It rises in the Alps in Tyrol, i.e. in the Austrian part of the Karwendel in the Hinterautal. After about 20 km, the Isar passes into Bavaria. It is the source of life and one of the favourite places of the people of Munich and its temporary guests. Especially now, people from Neumünchen prefer to spend their free time in the countryside.

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More flexibility with car sharing

Are you planning to stay longer in Munich? For those, we recommend signing up with Swapfiets. Swapfiets is a bike membership where you can get a bike for a low, fixed monthly fee. The maintenance is taken over by the company so you always have a roadworthy bike. You can join the membership for a comparatively low price. The membership can be cancelled every month without ending up, paying more money.

Whatever you decide, we at TIMEHOUSE hope you enjoy discovering Munich!

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