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Dreamlike sleeping comfort due to best down

We would like to offer our guests only the most comfortable pillows and blankets with the best down feathers. Thanks to the family-run Mühldorfer down factory, which exports to over 100 countries and is one of the market leaders in the five-star hotel segment, our requirements are met. Because it is important to us to provide our guests with a pleasant night’s sleep so that the day can be started with full pleasure.

The company

The Mühldorfer down factory is now in its 5th generation and has grown into a bed specialist operating worldwide. It has been a family business for many years since 1920 and is now the only down factory in Europe. Mrs. Maximiliana Pangerl and her sister Elisabeth Hintermann manage the company. The sisters made a spontaneous business trip to Dubai and their company quickly gained fame as they won their first hotel as a customer there, the famous Burj Al-Arab.
The Mühldorfer company nevertheless has only one location, in Haidmühle. The down factory works besides closely with the TU Munich on the sleep research together, in order to create optimal conditions for the sleep phases and therefore also provides the guests of the TIMEHOUSE highest sleeping comfort.

The Quality

The TIMEHOUSE provides with the best selection of partners a dreamlike sleep experience. The Mühldorfer down is plucked by hand from selected farms and each pillow and blanket is filled manually. The cleaning of the down itself has a special feature at Mühldorfer – for this they use the pure, lime-free mountain spring water of the Bavarian Forest, which means that they do not need any chemicals for cleaning. In addition, their pillows and blankets are germ-free and allergy-friendly. The lines of the pillows and blankets are also of high quality, as they are very fine and absorb water very quickly due to their hydro-transfer technology, thus preventing the formation of sweat stains. The blankets and pillows are also easy to clean in the washing machine and last a lifetime.

Source title image: Unsplash/ Sylvie Tittel

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