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Comfortable and environmentally friendly: electric taxis from IsarFunk

Drive easy and comfortable directly from the TIMEHOUSE to the airport, shopping center or to a business lunch? And this environmentally friendly too? Together with our partner IsarFunk we offer our guests a comfortable and also environmentally friendly taxi service.

The IsarFunk taxi company

IsarFunk is the first taxi company in Germany, which provides drives with electric taxis. In 2011, their first electric taxi was introduced and since then IsarFunk has been certifying other eco-taxis in cooperation with the ADAC. Two years later, they also participated in the “E-Plan Munich”, part of the Federal Government’s Electric Mobility showcase, with a second electric taxi. The company now operates the most environmentally friendly taxi fleet in Munich and also the largest electric taxi fleet in Germany. Nearly 160 E-Taxis already drive with an environmentally friendly engine!

Our partnership with IsarFunk

In order to provide our TIMEHOUSE guests with a comfortable and environmentally friendly transportation, we use the car-booker from IsarFunk with the “E-Taxi Chance”. At the reception we call a taxi for our guests with a button, which automatically prioritizes an e-taxi. So every guest can contribute to a cleaner air in Munich.

Picture sources: IsarFunk

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