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Your perfect morning with Unicaps coffee in the TIMEHOUSE

A new morning breaks, the scent of fresh coffee breaks through the air and spreads its way through the entire house. Your TIMEHOUSE kitchen table already has warm rolls on it, waiting to be eaten. That smell of coffee takes us all back to at least one warm memory in time. How can you not love it? That’s why we were very picky with the selection of coffee we want to offer our TIMEHOUSE guests. We have welcomed Unicaps into our home, not only because they produce excellent coffee and organic tea, but because everything they deliver is sustainable. You can have that Sunday morning coffee in your apartment at the TIMEHOUSE.


Each TIMEHOUSE apartment is equipped with a capsule machine for that fantastic cup of coffee or tea. All you need, is to know which beverage you want and a couple of seconds to spare. Unicaps innovative capsules will prepare your favourite drink within seconds – and the best thing about it: The capsules are 100% recyclable. It’s so innovative that the company from Frankfurt is even funded by the European Union. As we want to provide our TIMEHOUSE guests with the highest of quality the was no other choice than the bio-degradable capsules from Unicaps – “Good coffee, good conscience”.

 My-TeaCup from Unicaps

For those that prefer Tee our Partner My-TeaCup will be certain to please your needs. Enjoy that Sunday morning in your TIMEHOUSE apartment or on your own personal terrace in the sun. You offer a variety of coffee- and tea-capsules. There’s no better way to start your day in the most beautiful city on earth.


Image Source: Timehouse / Unicaps

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