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As you know, at the beginning there is always an idea. The TIMEHOUSE vision was defined rapidly and clearly from the very start: we wanted to create a place to meet the needs of modern travellers, thus offering more than any boarding house or hotel. We – the creators of Timehouse – wanted to create a temporary slice of “home” for you. To do so, all we had to do was ask: “As customers, what would we expect from a new, innovative hotel concept?”


I think a lot about the future, because that’s
where I’m going to spend the rest
of my life. (Woody Allen)


It is well known, travel educates, and people have never travelled as much as they do today. London for a meeting in the morning, and back to Munich in the evening for a corporate event. In an age where globalisation is not merely a digitally observable phenomenon, our social and professional lives are also changing. We have become more flexible, and sometimes “the office” consists of just a mobile phone or tablet. In many jobs and industries, travel is part of everyday life. Frequent travellers, spending their time jetting from one airport to another, know exactly what we mean when we talk about the desire to feel at home, even when travelling.


We, the initiators of Timehouse, have been formed from the reality of living a mobile lifestyle. From precisely this lifestyle, we have developed our vision for Timehouse. Timehouse stands for an innovative concept which combines the best parts of a luxury hotel, a boarding house, and a private home. We want to create a space where temporary living no longer feels like a compromise, but instead is a treat. TIMEHOUSE is the new meeting place for mobile people who are tired of moving from hotel to hotel. We offer an “at-home” experience for those who expect more than just the usual standard equipment.


“You don’t feel like going out to a restaurant? No problem. Simply enjoy a cosy evening within your own four walls. We have thought of everything – all you need to do is prepare your own steak.


No lobby, no bellhops, no lengthy check-in process. Our guests should start to feel at home the minute they arrive. After a long day, whether for business or pleasure, a feeling of complete relaxation awaits our guests. Whatever you want, it’s all there; each guest decides for themselves what they are looking for. Don’t fancy a restaurant? No problem. We have designed each of the 107 apartments as if each one was a real home, complete with fully equipped kitchen, quality kitchen appliances and more.

Coming home instead of outdated conventions.

So why not simply stick a steak in the pan and enjoy an evening within your own four walls? To make sure that this doesn’t add to your to-do list for the day, we have the perfect solutions in place for our guests: our exclusive partners Fresh Foods ( and Kochhaus ( deliver pre-portioned ingredients and exciting recipe ideas to the door of your Timehouse apartment. Welcome to the future, welcome to your relaxing home in the heart of the Bavarian capital. And if you feel like having a sociable drink, our gastro zone on the ground floor looks forward to welcoming you. True to the motto: #possibilitiesnotobligations


Timehouse will open on Munich’s Leopoldstraße in autumn 2018, combining the best parts of a luxury hotel and an exclusive boarding house. The innovative concept promises to provide a hitherto unexperienced feeling of “coming home”.


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