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The most beautiful lakes in and around Munich

The summer is close, and the nice weather makes you want to go swimming again. For all water enthusiasts we show the most beautiful lakes in and around Munich.


No long queues, overcrowded swimming pools or lack of space. In and around Munich you can relax far away from the stress of everyday life at one of the many lakes.

The “Dreiseenplatte”

The “Dreiseenplatte” contains three great, redesigned dredging lakes: Lerchenauersee, Fasaneriesee and Feldmochinger See. Here you can find many sunny and shade places, as they are situated in the middle of a forest landscape. Sporty people can do table tennis, football, volleyball and there are also fitness tracks provided. If you get hungry, you can buy something delicious to eat in the beer garden or at the kiosk. You’re also allowed to grill at the Feldmochinger Lake. On the Lerchenauersee you should be informed that the water gets deep fast. Damilies with children or non-swimmers should therefore choose the Fasaneriesee or Feldmochinger See.


The travel time by public transport from TIMEHOUSE is about 40-50 minutes, by car about 20 minutes and by bike 30 minutes.

Weßling-, Wörth- und Pilsensee

The Weßlingsee is also a great day trip destination. The water fountain, which shoots from the middle of the lake, is particularly worth seeing here. It is created by deep water aeration and guarantees the oxygen content of the lake and thus also the water quality. The Wörthsee and Pilsensee are especially suitable for rest and relaxation. With many lawns and hiking trails, the lakes provide a relaxing day out in nature.


The journey to the three lakes takes about 45 minutes by car from TIMEHOUSE and around 1.5 hours by public transport.

Lake Starnberg and Ammersee

Lake Starnberg is the second largest lake in Bavaria. With many excursion possibilities, sunbathing places, playgrounds and volleyball courts as well as a beer garden, the lake invites you to enjoy a perfect summer day. In addition, various boat trips, bicycle tours around the lake or hikes of the many hiking trails can be undertaken. Also, the Ammersee offers many activities and is ideal for nature lovers and bathers with an affinity for sports. A 10-meter diving tower with 3 stages, as well as water skiing, canoeing, stand up paddling and sailing are offered here. Also, dogs are allowed at selected places.


You reach the two lakes are best by car in 35-40 minutes from the TIMEHOUSE.

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