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The most beautiful jogging routes near the TIMEHOUSE

With every step the whole body is moved. And this can be done with just a little effort and almost everywhere. The TIMEHOUSE in Munich is very centrally located, and that’s why there are infinite numbers of places worth seeing in the vicinity. Whether through the Olympic Park or along the Isar, here are a few examples of the perfect jogging experience near the TIMEHOUSE.

Short Haul at the Schwabinger See

Every year you take it up again – more sport. Here we have a beautiful route for guests who want to be active but don’t want to walk too far. The length of the route is only about 1.3 km and leads around the nearby Schwabinger See.

Medium distance in the green

In this example, you come across a small bridge, after which you reach a beautiful green area. For joggers, for whom a short distance is not a challenge, the 3.5 km long route is ideal.

Medium length route Luitpold Park

Those who prefer to jog more through the green nature, simply have to follow the Parzivalstraße, and then end up in the beautiful Luitpoldpark. Whoever runs this route, which also past a small hedge maze, covers a distance of 5 km.

Long distance in the English Garden

On this 12km long jogging route you go through the exciting hustle and bustle of the city and through the many green areas of the English Garden, where you will also find many beautiful resting places, such as the Seehaus beer garden.

Long distance in the Olympiapark

The 10 km long tour through the Olympic Park is a bit shorter. The terrain is ideal for physical training and at the same time it offers a lot to see. Those who want to enjoy a beautiful view during their rest can also climb the Olympic mountain.

Whether quick in the morning, comfortably in the afternoon or motivated by the day. During the jogging you will discover many different sights and beauties of Munich.

Source title image: Unsplash/ Bruno Nascime

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