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The Bavarian art of beer

Hardly any other drink is as versatile as beer. From traditional beers to completely new creations – nowadays there are almost countless possibilities to enjoy this popular drink.
Especially in Bavaria the beer has a great popularity – no wonder, with the numerous breweries.

The Bavarian breweries

Around 1492 breweries were operated nationwide in 2018, 650 of them in Bavaria. Whoever rewards himself with a cool, freshly tapped beer will soon realize that brewing a good beer is real art. In addition to secret recipes and special experience of master brewer, craftsmanship and the best raw materials are used.
Many breweries offer a great insight into the procedure. You can either book a guided tour directly at the brewery itself or you can discover the beer history of Munich with a beer tour of “Spurwechsel Stadtführungen & Veranstaltungen GmbH”, together with a brewery tour and a beer tasting.

The Bavarian beer

The year looks a little different in Bavaria. While others have to content oneself with four seasons a year, the Bavarian is only satisfied with five! In addition to the four known seasons, the Oktoberfest is also included. The barley juice is indispensable here, it’s a staple food. The beer market in Bavaria is characterized by a great variety – besides the popular wheat beer, there is also the Bavarian bock beer. If you don’t know which one you like best, how about a beer tasting in Munich?

source title image: Unsplash/ Julian Hochgesang

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