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Surplus Digital as guest at TIMEHOUSE

From our series TALK at TIMEHOUSE we today present two young entrepreneurs who like to use TIMEHOUSE again and again for their stays in Munich.

The interview

It’s already late when Alex’s plane from Vienna lands in Munich. He worked until departure on the presentation for a Munich customer, then in the plane his tired eyes briefly flipped. After the exhausting day the best would be only one thing: Home… No problem! Because Alex is staying at TIMEHOUSE Munich. He knows the employees, his flat, the area; even the flatmates.


In the series TALK we introduce people who appreciate the service of TIMEHOUSE and ask them about their motives. Today we talk to Alexander Leopoldinger-Haiden and Viktor Zemann, both founders and managing partners of Surplus Digital GmbH.


Editor: Thank you very much, dear Alex and Viktor for your time. We see you here at TIMEHOUSE again and again and are happy that you use the service for your professional stays in Munich. How did you come up with it and why do you keep coming back?
Viktor: I followed the project even before its official opening and waited spellbound for it. Our company has two offices, one in Munich and one in Vienna. So it’s very often the case that we have long stays in Munich. With TIMEHOUSE business trips do not feel like being away.
Alex: Right. Moreover we have always been looking forward to the few days in our second home. You’re looking forward to the apartment, the delicious Italian in front of the door and to being able to go about your business in Munich relaxed and completely recovered. So we always like to come to you.


Editor: Of course we are happy about that. Have you also looked at alternative CoLiving concepts?
Alex: Yes, we did when Viktor told me about this project. But only here at TIMEHOUSE all important factors play together: the location is top, the style of the apartments is exactly ours and the price-performance ratio more than fair.
Viktor: I know other hotels from my many travels with a focus on long stay guests, but nowhere do I feel as comfortable as in TIMEHOUSE. Somehow you manage to pass on the feeling of coming home and being at home to your residents.


Editor: What do you like so much here? What do you think makes the TIMEHOUSE stand out?
Viktor: The people at the reception, for example. They already know me and know what I need. I don’t feel like I’m talking to any of the staff, but rather to a good acquaintance, whom I see again after a while.
Alex: I enjoy the all-round service in the apartments. From cleaning service to food delivery, I don’t have to worry about anything, I can concentrate on my work and enjoy the evening to the full. It simply brings a lot more energy if you spend the evening in a place of well-being and not in any hotel room.


Editor: Do you think we at TIMEHOUSE will remain a marginal phenomenon in the hotel industry?
Alex: Clearly no! I rather believe that you are only the beginning of something really big. The whole world of work is changing. Everyone becomes more flexible, more global. These changes require a rethink in the area of corporate business travel. Only those who really feel comfortable on their travels will be prepared in the long run to do so for their employees. I can only speak for myself as an independent entrepreneur, that it is simply important to me to enjoy a certain standard and well-being on the road.
Viktor: We also see in our company that employment relationships are changing. There are many freelancers, project staff etc. who do not necessarily have to come from the same country. For joint projects, however, it is important to be in the same city and that’s exactly what TIMEHOUSE offers.


Editor: So would you recommend TIMEHOUSE? And if so, who are you thinking of?
Alex: Honestly, I’ve done that before (smiles). Your concept is suitable for all those who are often and also longer on the road in Munich and are looking for more than just a bed and a shower. In my opinion you meet the needs of (almost) all business travellers.


Editor: Why almost?
Alex: Because there must always be exceptions… (laughs).
Viktor: Also from me you get a clear yes to the recommendation. But I wouldn’t limit it to several days, I’ve been to your place for only one night a couple of times, because I just feel comfortable here. So get on with it!


Editor: Thank you very much for your time and see you soon at TIMEHOUSE. Coming Home.

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