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Stop the Water – TIMEHOUSE uses sustainable products

Sustainability is a top priority at TIMEHOUSE. That is why we cooperate with the natural cosmetics brand “Stop the Water While Using Me!”, which only uses natural and sustainable ingredients for their products.


In addition to the innovative living concept, TIMEHOUSE places importance to sustainability of cosmetic products available to their guests. This resolution is supported by “Stop the Water While Using Me!” and their natural cosmetic products. The brand exclusively produces cosmetic products from vegan ingredients that are biodegradable and don’t require synthetic ingredients. This is not only better for skin and hair, but also for the environment.

High-quality products that protect the environment

“Stop the Water While Using Me!” attaches great importance to organic farming when choosing the raw material for their products and prefers to cooperate with partners who grow locally and sustainably. One example of this is a supplier from Brazil who has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for its resource-conserving forest management. Fair payment helps the inhabitants to improve their living conditions and also makes illegal logging of the rainforests unprofitable.

Water is the source of all life

“Stop the Water While Using Me!“ wants to protect the world’s drinkable water with their products. In addition to the sustainably grown ingredients, the company also uses only reusable bottles and thus produces less waste. In addition, the founders have launched the initiative GOOD WATER PROJECS, to which TIMEHOUSE contributes through its collaboration with “Stop the Water While Using Me!“ TIMEHOUSE not only supports the initiative financially by purchasing the products, but also takes their guests’ attention to the importance of sustainability and the fact that even small gestures can make a difference.

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