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Five exquisit restaurants for your business lunch

As the capital of Bavaria, Munich is a magnet for business people and of course there are therefore business meals. These five excellent lunch restaurants are easy to reach from TIMEHOUSE and offer a culinary experience.


Anyone who has ever been to Munich knows that restaurants, cafés and bars in the city just line up. You can find everything from a snack bar to a star restaurant. But a fruitful business dinner needs to be held in a pleasant atmosphere and requires good food. In the following five restaurants, your business meal is guaranteed to be a success.

Brenner Grill

The Brenner Grill on Maximilianstraße offers an upscale ambience with excellent food. Since 2003, the restaurant has been serving its guests a wide selection of dishes and its meal compositions are always up to date. In addition, the locations also offer enough space to be able to talk undisturbed about the business.

Brasseria Oskar Maria

In the Brasserie Oskar Maria, you will find a versatile audience, from businessmen to students. This has a lot to do with its location: The Brasserie is located directly below the Literaturhaus not far from Odeonsplatz and offers many people the opportunity to dine there directly after a conference or metting. In addition to the extensive lunch and evening menu, there are daily changing dishes that enchant the guest.

Riva Tal

Those who want to give their business lunch an Italian touch should go to Riva Im Tal. Besides numerous typical Italian dishes, there is also a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on offer. And if you still need a little help convincing your business partners, simply order one of the delicious Italian desserts that the Riva offers.


Conti offer a fresh and friendly atmosphere for a business lunch. The chef creates unusual dishes with passion, which enchant the guests again and again. Although the menu remains quite short, each individual dish proves its exquisite quality. The quiet location in the Haus der Bayrischen Wirtschaft also contributes to a perfect atmosphere for a successful business dinner.


Many businessmen who come to Munich naturally want to have traditional Bavarian food. This makes it perfect to combine this wish with a business lunch. Görreshof offers a hearty cuisine in a pleasant atmosphere – the perfect mixture for a business lunch. In addition, after work is done, you can toast your success with a beer.

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