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Develop the “Strength of yourself” with Blankenburgs

“Strength of yourself” is the slogan and that for good reason – because with our partner Blankenburgs it concerns to secure the quality of life of each individual – whether if someone is health restricted or injured. We are pleased to be able to offer our guests this excellent partnership with Blankenburgs.

“Your health is our motivation”

On a physical and emotional level, Blankenburgs analyses the status quo, identifies stressful factors and helps you to improve your health. The team, consisting of physiotherapists, osteopaths and coaches, personally accompanies and cares for you throughout your stay and develops individually targeted training sessions and nutrition plans that build on each other.


The services offered include:

– Physiotherapy
– Osteopathy
– Sports therapy
– Athletics Training
– Personal training
– Nutritional physiology
– Orthomolecular Medicine
– Sports psychology

Our partnership

Blankenburgs is a centre for the recovery and improvement of physical and mental health. We chose Blankenburgs not only because of its excellent location as a partner, but also because of its many qualified employees, their very advanced and intensive examination techniques and their care for our customers. For Blankenburgs, as well as for the TIMEHOUSE, are the desire and satisfaction of our customer most important.


We therefore offer our customers a partner who, with his team of trained physiotherapists, osteopaths and coaches, always thinks first and foremost of the well-being of the customer and offers them the best opportunity for recovery and reconstruction of themselves (both body and mind) through his equipment and location.

Source title image: Unsplash/ Meghan Holmes

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