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5 Reasons for a City Trip to Munich

Munich simply has everything that makes a city worth living and loving: between urbanity and cosiness, tradition and progress, green nature and a lot of culture lies the metropolis of Munich. Besides these characteristics, we have 5 more reasons why you should make a city trip to Munich.

The city

Of all the beautiful cities in Germany, Munich is one of the most worth-seeing. If you walk a few minutes in any direction the next point of interest shines in the sun. The beautiful Kaufingerstraße between Marienplatz and Karlsplatz with its countless shops, the Gärtnerplatz, with its bustling activity or the Nymphenburger Schloss. In Munich you can’t stop looking and marvelling.

Culinary delights

The culinary specialities in Munich are something very unique. From the traditional Weißwurst breakfast, to the Obazda, to the beer ice cream from the crazy ice cream maker – in Munich the taste has no limits. Most of all the Viktualienmarkt in the middle of the old town is a feast for the eyes and palate.

The sport

Munich offers sports fans a huge selection. Whether passively as a spectator at a game of FC Bayern Munich or actively on the surfboard on the Eisbach wave. Munich is a sports paradise both in winter and summer.


As big as the city with its many impressive buildings is – with several lakes nearby, the Alps in view and the English Garden, Munich City is not inferior to nature.

The Events

Munich is anything but boring. Because with so many events, such as the Oktoberfest, the Tollwood Culture Festival, the Film Festival, the many theatres, operas, circuses, fairs, folk festivals and concerts, boredom is almost impossible.

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The Olymiapark – A breath-taking view over Munich

The Olympiapark is one of the most famous attractions in Munich and with its 85 hectare the park attracts many tourists and locals every year. In addition to many sporting and cultural events, the park also offers a wonderful view over Munich and, if the weather is fine, even the Alps.


The Olympiapark was designed for the 1972 Olympic Games and also gets its name from this major athletic event. For the Olympic games, a stadium, an indoor hall, an indoor swimming pool, a lake and an Olympic village were planned and built for the athletes. Since 1972 the Olympic Park has served as a venue for sporting, cultural and social events and attracts numerous people every day. You can also take wonderful and long walks along the various paths in the park. The path to the Olympic mountain is especially popular, as from there you have a breath-taking view over Munich and can even see the Alps in good weather.

The Olympiaturm

If the view from the Olympiaberg is not enough for you, you can also climb the Olympiaturm. At 291.28 metres, the television tower is Munich’s tallest building and a special feature of the city panorama. At a height of 190m there is a viewing platform from which visitors have the best view of Munich and the Alps. Next to the viewing platform there is also the Rock Museum in the Olympiaturm, which displays a selection of exhibits on the theme of rock and music. If you want to enjoy culinary delights, you can also enjoy a meal in Restaurant 181. The restaurant is located at 181m above sea level and offers a panoramic view of Munich – the glassed-in restaurant rotates completely within 49 minutes. A special conclusion for a successful day.

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