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Surplus Digital as guest at TIMEHOUSE

From our series TALK at TIMEHOUSE we today present two young entrepreneurs who like to use TIMEHOUSE again and again for their stays in Munich.

The interview

It’s already late when Alex’s plane from Vienna lands in Munich. He worked until departure on the presentation for a Munich customer, then in the plane his tired eyes briefly flipped. After the exhausting day the best would be only one thing: Home… No problem! Because Alex is staying at TIMEHOUSE Munich. He knows the employees, his flat, the area; even the flatmates.



Your perfect morning with Unicaps coffee in the TIMEHOUSE

A new morning breaks, the scent of fresh coffee breaks through the air and spreads its way through the entire house. Your TIMEHOUSE kitchen table already has warm rolls on it, waiting to be eaten. That smell of coffee takes us all back to at least one warm memory in time. How can you not love it? That’s why we were very picky with the selection of coffee we want to offer our TIMEHOUSE guests. We have welcomed Unicaps into our home, not only because they produce excellent coffee and organic tea, but because everything they deliver is sustainable. You can have that Sunday morning coffee in your apartment at the TIMEHOUSE.


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